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Five Most Explosive Zits, Pimples, Pops and Cysts

Subscribe: similar to a zit but bigger. Kind of like a tumor but is (in most cases) non-fatal. I have a cyst…
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Golden Whitehead Popping! What Should I do about Pimples, Zits and Whiteheads

Q: You don’t ever want a nostril pimple. I get them regularly and they hurt like all hell. Can’t even touch anywhere near your nose. A: Nope! Weirdly enough this one only hurt when I pinched…
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Role of Collagen in Anti-Aging Skin Care

New Content from Perfect Skin Care for you – All About Beauty, Health and Life!

When I came across the Nutrova Collagen + Anti-oxidants for Healthy Skin and Anti-aging Skin Care product, I thought there is no better time than now to really understand collagen and how to supplement in through nutrition. And, incidentally, I had been wanting to read and write about Collagen since many years. So, finally, here it is. One of the secrets to healthy and young skin – a healthy collagen formation.

What is Collagen?

It is the most abundant protein in the body! The collagen is found in the dermis layer of the skin which is the second layer of the skin and is responsible for the plumpness, strength and hydration of the skin. It is a group of proteins in fact which provides the tensile strength to the skin. It is said that collagen in the skin is more strong than steel.

#DidYouKnow Collagen is not only found in the skin but also in the tendons and ligaments and corneas and bones and blood vessels. It is basically a connective tissue and most abundant protein in the mammals. Yes, it is a protein and I was not even aware of that! Huh.

Synthesis of Collagen

So, let me skip all the chemistry here and just say that collagen does NOT occur in the body. It is synthesized from the basic amino acids. And, for collagen to synthesize, we need Vitamin C.

Just to give an overview, amino acids form the three-dimensional stranded structure which is converted into procollagen using Vitamin C as one of the cofactors in the reaction. Then, this structure is converted into tropo-collagen which cross-link with each other to form collagen fibres. There is a lot of genetic and cellular mutation which takes place to synthesize collagen. For those interested, please check out this youtube video which details out the process of collagen synthesis.

The synthesis of collagen happens all our lives and the healthy collagen replace the old and worn out collagen fibres. This process slows down after the age of 30 which results in the slightly older look or the wrinkled appearance.

Degradation of Collagen

Apart from age, there are quite a lot of other factors which affect the synthesis of collagen. Few are internal and others are external.


Well, since it is an important element while synthesizing the collagen, the extreme deficiency of Vitamin C is definitely going to affect the collagen production negatively.

Excess of sugar consumption also harms the collagen. The sugar molecules in the blood attach to the proteins to form new molecules which weaken the collagen structure and make it dry and brittle.

Internal Diseases

Arthritis, cancer, ulcers, malnourishment, autoimmune disorders. All of these conditions cause collagen degradation at a faster level.

Also, the collagen formation is one of the crucial tasks when the skin is wounded or cut. The skin tries to heal itself by synthesizing healthy collagen at the wound site but …read more

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5 Steps to get fairer skin? {Five Series}

New Content from Perfect Skin Care for you – All About Beauty, Health and Life!

Last Updated: 29th April, 2015

Hey Everyone! So, sorry for the title. It came out because of the consistent reader queries who are on their quest for fair skin and I had written this post long time back. I now see that I should have instead titled it as How to Preserve your Skin Complexion? It would have been more appropriate and conveyed my message clearly.

First of all, let me say that I DO NOT support this ongoing trend for fair skin and the stigma of being dark. In fact, even today in my own family, I have seen people commenting on how a person is dark complexioned or not and, mind you, they do not spare even the babies, howsoever cute they might be. And, I am a crusader against this very thought. I mean, come on, we have racism in our own communities!

Since quite long, I have been seeing a trend of questions on this topic from people who are either getting married or who have darker skin tones. So, first of all, I would like to say that you can’t really lighten the skin complexion. The skin color is determined by the amount of melanin your skin has and you can’t do anything to reduce the amount of this pigment inside your skin. Ok, after that bit of science, I would like to say that you can do somethings to preserve your original complexion.


Yup, that’s the first step to any kind of skin care. And, I totally stress on the importance of this routine. I would suggest Neutrogena Ultra Sheer but my favourite is MVO Moisturizing Face Screen. I have often heard complains that the sunscreen does nothing but the secret lies in using the proper amount of sunscreen to provide full protection.

Double Cleansing

To remove makeup or sunscreen after an entire day of work, use oil or a good makeup remover before washing your face. Its one of the most important routines of the night.

Face Wash and Tone

Use your face wash as you would and don’t forget to use the toner if your face is oily. I would suggest using homemade toners for your skin type. Green tea for oily and combination skin and rose water for dry skin. You can do other experiments with them as well.

Moisturize and Nourish

One of the most important routines even if your skin is oily. Get a good moisturizer. Or, use aloevera gel if your skin is oily. Its the best bet. For dry skin, I would suggest using a facial oil or serum instead of moisturizer at night.

Face Scrub and Mask

The above steps were regular routine. But, some extra love is needed to keep …read more

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Vernal N-E Dark Spot Corrector Cream – Clinically Proven – Visibly Reduce And Fade Dark Spots, Age Spots & Traces of Past Acne Scars. Net Wt 2.0 oz/50ml

Vernal N-E Dark Spot Corrector Cream – Clinically Proven – Visibly Reduce And Fade Dark Spots, Age Spots & Traces of Past Acne Scars.
Net Wt 2.0 oz/50ml

Vernal N-E Dark Spot Corrector Cream - Clinically Proven - Visibly Reduce And Fade Dark Spots, Age Spots & Traces of Past Acne Scars.<br />
Net Wt 2.0 oz/50ml

  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots, age spots, signs of sun damage, and post-acne marks.
  • Protects against future age spot development with a balanced composition of stabilized vitamin C, & Zinc PCA.
  • Helps brighten & even out skin tone and promotes long-term radiance revealing a more radiant glow.
  • Formulated with Diacetyl Boldine and Pro-Cysteine, dark spots on the skins surface begin to fade and encourages new cell growth.
  • Consumer Trials found: In 88% of users saw fewer dark spots in just 8 weeks.

What it is:

Reveal flawless, spotless skin with Vernal N-E Spot CorrectorTM, an advanced formula that not only helps prevent future skin spots production, but also helps reduce the formation of cellular debris that causes age spots. Stop dark spots before they start while fading the ones you already have! Dermatologist proven to be safe and comfortable. In consumer trials this cream was comparable to a leading prescription ingredient in visibly reducing dark spots-a verified 58 percent im

List Price: $ 69.95

Price: $ 46.95

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How to get undisturbed beauty sleep of 7-10 hours? {Health}

New Content from Perfect Skin Care for you – All About Beauty, Health and Life!

Sleep is a naturally recurring state of relatively suspended sensory and motor activity, characterized by total or partial unconsciousness and the inactivity of nearly all voluntary muscles. (Macmillan Dictionary for Students Macmillan)

It is a major misconception that our body is resting when we are asleep. It is, instead, performing the most basic functions of detoxification and rejuvenation so that we feel renewed when we get up from our sleep. According to this post, our body starts its detox process from 9 P.M and we are required not to perform any adrenalin raising activities from this time onwards. Instead, it is advised for us to rest from this time hence.
  • One of the basic rules of sleeping is having a very light dinner, probably some soup and salads. You can try to manage your weight by following this routine. Having cabbage soup is the best way to cut down your belly fat. Salads ensure the health of your teeth. They do not overload the stomach. You should eat your dinner two hours prior to sleeping.
  • Do not take any fluids in the mean time. But, if you must drink a cup of green tea one hour before sleeping. Reduce your water intake at night. You can refill your system in the morning. Taking fluids just before sleeping will interrupt your sleep.
  • Take a warm and relaxing bath before having dinner, if you wish. It will also aid in good sleep. Finish your skin care routine during this time.
  • 9 P.M onwards relax and do not indulge in any physical activity. Instead, listen to music, read, do little stretch exercises or light yoga, massage your scalp and face. These activities will help you get quality sleep. Do not watch television or browse internet. Take break and think about pleasant thoughts which make you happy and lift your spirits. Do not think about work next day and get stressed.
  • Remember, your sleep should always be undisturbed at night. Exercise is one of the best ways to go for it. Make it a routine to exercise regularly. Half-hour a day is enough. Try to exercise in the early morning, instead of evening, as it freshens up your entire body inside out. You feel energized and eat more breakfast which goes well with the body.
  • Do not take any stimulants (chocolates, sweets, coffee), carbohydrates or alcohol after 5 in evening. It interrupts your sleep mechanism.
  • If you have to, take a half hour nap in afternoon at around 3. 2:30 – 3 P.M is the best time.
  • Try not to sleep in the evenings. Go for a walk or indulge in socializing. But, not for long.
  • Most importantly, create a routine and follow it. Sleep at same time everyday and get up at same time. Let your body be habituated to the routine.
If you do not feel sleepy, try out following remedies instead of lying on the bed:

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Most popular Overnight Homemade Acne Treatments auctions

Overnight Homemade Acne Treatments on eBay:

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Lets Talk Anti-Aging with Nutrova!

New Content from Perfect Skin Care for you – All About Beauty, Health and Life!

We believe that the right nutrition, properly delivered, can dramatically improve our lives. Ensuring that we receive the right nutrition is an ongoing process, and not something that lasts only for a few days or weeks.

This is what Nutrova says. They have come up with a product for anti-aging skin care. No, it is not a cream, definitely. It is a nutritional supplement.

So, this product from Nutrova has collagen peptides and anti-oxidants for the old skin. Now, we already know that our collagen synthesis reduces after the 30-mark. In fact, a lot of us (our bodies) becomes useless after this mark and you realize You are growing old. And, this product delivers the necessary collagen along with vitamin C and other anti-oxidants to the cells of the skin to make your skin look healthy and young.

I think I have left you confused with too little and too much information. So let me start from the beginning.

What is Nutrova?

At Nutrova, we want to develop products that allow people to optimize their health through nutrition by developing quality products with a strong scientific basis.

We started product development work in late 2011. Our goal was to develop innovative nutrition products that allow individuals to take charge of their health. While we all realize that what we eat has an impact on our health and quality of life, the level of that impact is often underestimated. Nutrition plays a role in our health and development from the time we’re born all the way through our lives. A few examples to put it into context:

1. Studies have shown that pregnant women who consume high amounts of the omega 3 fat DHA tend to have infants with better visual and cognitive abilities (DHA is the major fat in the brain and retina).
2. Malnourishment during childhood, which is a major problem in India, impacts the height to which an individual will grow and a lack of nutrients often causes stunting. Over consumption of processed foods high in sugar and/or fat can also cause micronutrient deficiencies that impact growth and development.
3. Consuming large amounts of refined sugars is linked to everything from diabetes to heart disease.

We launched our first two products, Nutrova Functional Fibre and Nutrova Complete Omega 3 in early 2013. Functional Fibre showed a 20% reduction in cholesterol in a 60 patient clinical study carried out by a research organization. Complete Omega 3 is a vegan source of DHA which is suitable for vegetarians and Jains, communities that are the most likely to have a deficiency of DHA3. – Akshay Pai, Founder, Nutrova

Yes, they offer high-level nutritional supplements which can be taken without medical supervision.

So, what all do they offer?

They have 5 products as of now, more of which you can read on their website.

1. Collagen + Anti-oxidants for Healthy Skin
2. Anti-Oxidant Protection for Healthy Skin
3. Kerastrength for Healthy Hair …read more

Read more here::

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Eco-Friendly Skincare & Beauty: All-Natural Trends for 2015 – Presented by

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) April 13, 2015

Spring is the perfect time to go green – not only with one’s lifestyle but with one’s skincare regimen as well. Many skincare and beauty products contain harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good to skin, but a growing number of manufacturers are doing their part to create safe, eco-friendly alternatives. The latest article by, “All Natural Beauty & Hairstyle: Dominate 2015 Makeup Trends,” discusses skincare and beauty alternatives that are good for the body and the environment.

Which ingredients should be avoided? What’s a good cleanser that’s free of parabens and sulfates? Products without parabens tend to expire quickly, so what’s a good way to make them last longer? What are some makeup choices to consider in order to pull off a bold, edgy style? What are some multi-tasking products to consider in order to save money and reduce waste? The 70s are making a comeback in terms of makeup and hair styles. What are some ways to achieve this look using eco-friendly products?

Get answers to more questions about to start an eco-friendly skincare regimen by visiting or

See also:

Natural Beauty Handbook”

The green beauty movement isn’t just a passing trend. And it can have different definitions for different people. For instance, someone’s idea of natural might be to look for products that promote a healthy planet, prepare homemade skin treatments or use essential oils to treat common skincare concerns. The Natural Beauty Handbook features 20 articles that discuss all the different ways to go green.

Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook – Part 9: Ingredients”

Confused about the many skincare ingredients on the market and what’s right for individual skin types? Looking for a new solution to a particular skincare issue, like hyperpigmentation, rosacea or fine lines? Look to Part 9 of the Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook to find out about the latest and greatest ingredients, plus tried and true treatments to improve overall skin health. Lastly, learn how to safely use potent ingredients like retinol and hydroquinone, without negative side effects.

Sensitive Skincare Handbook”

Sensitive skin comes with a variety of symptoms, ranging from acne breakouts to allergic reactions. Looking for solutions to sensitive skin challenges, including acne, rosacea and other skin flare-ups? Understanding triggers can help create an effective skincare routine for all skin conditions, ages and seasons. Use this handbook as a guide to identifying and treating sensitive skin, to help maintain gorgeous skin under any circumstances.

About — “Your Source for Intelligent Skin Care” is the online source for consumers seeking intelligent beauty and skin care news, advice, tips and articles. Founded in 2005, features articles, news items and frequently asked questions on skincare and beauty-related issues. is located in Sacramento, California, but receives visitors from all around the world. For more information, visit

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Homemade acne treatment || HIGHLY REQUESTED

Hey loves!! Here’s my highly requested homemade acne treatment. Enjoy Xoxo, Jessica♥ WHAT YOU’LL NEED: -1 tomato -1 egg -honey -1 tablespoon of Brown sugar -olive oil BENEFITS: Tomato-…
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Skintervention Guide Review Reveals Beautification Tips

New York (PRWEB) February 09, 2014

Skintervention Guide is the newest treatment method developed by Liz Wolfe that claims to help people eliminate skin issues such as pimples, scarring, eczema, weak nails and hair. This new e-book will teach people to change their body through foods and the right body care routine. In addition, the e-book reveals effective and safe recipes for strengthening their nails and hair. It will give people simple exercises for treating cellulite on their arms, and safe remedies for keeping their teeth from decaying. Moreover, the guide is written by Liz Wolfe, who is a skin care expert and medical researcher that has more than 16 years of skin care experience. After the author released Skintervention Guide, she received a lot of good comments from customers regarding their success with the helpful program. That is why the site has written a comprehensive review.

A full Skintervention Guide review on the site shows that this treatment method is totally safe for people to use. The helpful guide will help users remove their body issues such as acne, psoriasis, pimples, eczema, weak nails and hair. It provide treatments for cellulite, and reveal how to slow down the skin aging process. In this program, people will discover a list of the nutrients that will help generate beautiful skin, a radiant body and lovely hair. The program also provides a list of ingredients for nourishing and cleaning the skin. In particular, users will find out the tools that help them choose makeup and hair care items.

Kate from the site says that:, “Skintervention Guide is a new method that teaches people how to get rid of skin issues naturally. This unique program instructs users how to choose non-toxic makeup, how to make homemade skin care products and how to buy body care items. It provides natural remedies for acne, irritated skin and eczema. When people get this program, they will receive some helpful bonuses such as the “Skintervention Easy Recipes” guide and the “Skintervention Resources” guide.”

To view advantages and disadvantages from Skintervention Guide, visit the website:

For more information about the guide, access to the official site.

About the website: is the site created by Nguyen Gia Hy. The site gives secrets tips, methods and e-books about health and fitness, art, entertainment and business. People could send their comments on any digital products via his email.

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