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From the Archives : Do you know why is your Skin Dry? {Skin Care}

Revisiting this post and updating it. So, please go through it once again!

This winter has been particularly dry in the city and after ages of time, I experienced flaky and cracked skin! And, it has been hell for me for the past couple of days! Which made me realize why is my skin reacting in this way!

I have used coconut oil, almond oil, apricot oil, even cocoa butter and the recent DIY – washed ghee. They have all helped a bit but not much! And, then, I recalled that there are actually two types of dry skin – dehydrated and actually dry skin!

Do you really know the difference between dry skin and oily skin? Yes, you will say. Dry skin feels stretched and oily skin is like a frying pan. But, ultimately the chemistry of both these types of skin lack some important ingredient which keeps the skin balanced. Either the skin lacks hydration or moisturization.

Hydration means water and moisturization means oil.

Now, do not confuse the two. A healthy balance of the above two is the key to that perfect skin and solving all the skin issues which plague you. So, let us look at both of the terms with respect to their skin conditions a little closely.

Why Dry skin?

Skin can be dry for two reasons – it lacks water or the hydration levels of the skin is too less because of the less water consumption by the person, if we cancel out all other factors which lead to dry skin and assume that the person is following healthy skin habits. Also, there is a decrease in the natural skin oils or lipids which create a protective layer over the skin and help keep it moisturised.

So, to counter dry skin, apply both oil and water based moisturizers or you can use different moisturizers having water and oil and layer them. That is what I do. I use aloevera gel first and follow up with a facial oil. Doing just either of these steps will make the skin feel stretchy. Also, a tip is to apply the moisturisers and oils on damp skin.

Also Read: What hydrates our skin?

Which Dry Skin do You have?

So, now, it is up to you to decide which dry skin do you have? In most of the cases, generally the reason for dry skin is dehydration instead of lack of oils!

Drinking More Water does NOT help

Now that you know that your skin is dry due to less water content, I would like to add that drinking up a lot water and herbal tea does not replenish the moisture levels in your skin! The acidic level of the skin and the lipid barrier has been disturbed which is why skin is behaving in the way it is!!

Even Oily skin can be Dehydrated!

Even in oily skin, there is ample of oil but what it really lacks is hydration. Even oily skin can …read more

Read more here::

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DIY Skin Care: Natural Home Remedies Found In Your Pantry

DIY Skin Care: Natural Home Remedies Found In Your Pantry
All the premium skin treatments you need – face washes, scrubs, toners, masks, moisturizers, even acne treatment – can be done right at home with common ingredients. These natural products found in your pantry are free of harsh chemicals and simply …
Read more on International Business Times

Research shows probiotics good for preventing pimples
"They're like little missiles that can punch holes in the walls of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi," Bowe said. Anecdotally, some patients are even finding success with homemade yogurt and kefir masks. "Whenever I have a flare up, I try to apply it …
Read more on ABC2 News

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Combat Acne And Blemishes With These Ideas!

People who suffer from acne are often embarrassed and ashamed by their red bumpy skin. However, improving your acne situation is much easier than you think if you have the right advice and information. This article contains a number of pieces of advice that will help you improve your skin and acne situation.

When trying to reduce acne breakouts, consider how much stress you are under. Stress has been shown to increase your cortisol levels, and too much cortisol will clog pores and lead to breakouts. If you can’t change too much about your stress levels, at least take time each day with meditation or a warm bath to calm down.

To get rid of acne, try not to have anything brush against your face repeatedly. Perhaps your hair cut causes your hair to touch your face and render it greasy. Avoid wearing scarves or hats, too. Do your best to keep your hands away from your face, especially if your hands are dirty.

To help you avoid acne, make sure you don’t wear foundation. Wearing foundation only contributes to making your skin worse. The contents found in foundation will clog your pores extensively furthering your acne. If you feel that you cannot endure your day without make up, make sure that it is water based.

Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water if you are suffering from acne. You skin needs to stay hydrated. If your skin becomes dehydrated, it is harder for your dead skin cells to shed. This can cause your pores to become blocked, and you could end up with more acne.

To eliminate or prevent acne, the first thing you should consider is what your skin comes into contact with. Skin care products, sunscreen, soaps, surfaces and even some foods all have things in them that can cause outbreaks. Analyze your surroundings and look at the labels or research online anything you come into constant contact with, especially the parts of your body where acne breaks out.

If facial acne is a problem, consider sleeping on your back at night. When you sleep on your stomach, your face, neck, and chest are constantly re-exposed to the oils and bacteria rubbed off from your hair and face, re-clogging your pores. Also, remember to wash your sheets routinely!

The most expensive facial cleanser in the world, will not get your face any cleaner than the cheapest one, that does the job for you without irritation. Money will buy fancy labels and beautiful bottles, but the fact is, your face is a skin barrier, with only a finite number of cells that can be penetrated. No cleanser can go past that point. So if you find an inexpensive cleanser that doesn’t irritate your skin, even if it’s the Cetaphil knockoff from Walgreens, use it and save yourself a ton of dough.

Try to avoid squeezing pimples with unclean hands, especially with your fingernails. Wash your hands first and if you must squeeze one, make sure to do it gently and if it doesn’t come out the first time, leave it alone. Constant pressure can cause pimples to eventually scar your face permanently, which is not a nice sight.

Avoid stress to keep your face clear of unsightly bumps. Stress wakes up the hormones in the body that create acne. Keep yourself calm to keep your skin calm. Try deep cleansing breathes or taking time out for something you enjoy. The less stress you put your body through the more your skin will thank you.

If you are trying to prevent acne, be sure to wash your face daily. Be sure to use warm water with mild soap. Try to avoid scrubbing your face too hard with a washcloth. You should gently wash your face with your hands or a very soft washcloth. When you are done washing, rinse your face well. Always remember to dry your face with a clean towel.

Treat stubborn acne with care. Abrasive cleansers may seem like they’re getting the job done, but you may be irritating your skin, which leads to further breakouts. By exfoliating too often, you are triggering your skin to create an excess of oil. This builds up quickly in irritated, puffy pores, making the perfect recipe for new blemishes.

Cutting sugar and increasing your fruit and vegetable intake in your diet will help reduce the number of acne breakouts you suffer from. Also add some fatty fish, like salmon, to your diet. These simple additions to your diet and cutting the sugar out are going to lead to clearer skin.

If you are concerned that your acne does not seem to be going away, make a paste by mixing cinnamon powder and honey. Put the paste on your face before you fall asleep and use warm water to rinse it away in the morning. It will not only help your acne, but it will nourish your skin, as well.

An effective home remedy for severe acne is witch hazel. Apply to your face using a cotton ball, after you have cleansed your face with your regular product. Then, apply two percent salicylic acid product. It will help prevent any further breakout, as well as treat the blemishes that are already there.

Your face should be washed at least twice daily. Begin and end your day with a gentle, but thorough washing of your face. This will remove build up from sweat and oil overnight and takes care of the daily build up we all experience in our day to day lives. Using a clean washcloth, mild soap and warm water, clean but do not scrub your face, to get it back to a fresh place.

As was stated in the beginning of this article, acne can be very embarrassing and shameful for people and can even cause stress. However, improving your acne situation is so much easier if you have the right information to treat it. Apply this article’s advice and be on your way to beautiful, acne-free skin.

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From the Archives: #OneMonthtoHealthyHair – Routine Hair Care {Hair Care}

This is my first hair care post which I am reviving it today with some updates! Hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it. Feeling nostalgic revisiting the post after 5 years!

My favorite click for my hair diaries!

Hair is one of the first thing which gets noticed when you meet a person. It can create or destroy one’s personality. It can make a plain person beautiful. Whenever you meet or come across someone with beautiful long hair, did you ever find yourself wishing you had that hair!

There are very simple rules for a good hair care which MUST be done consistently so as to ensure it looks amazing!!

Hair undergoes major changes three times in a woman’s life: puberty, child birth and menopause. Apart from that, it is said that our Hair undergoes texture change every seven years. Now, who knew that?

Regular Care Tips

  • Love your locks as they are. Do not compare them with others. Every person’s hair is different.
  • Use only those products which suit your hair. Do not get diverted by nice campaigns or beautiful packaging. Price of the products does not determine its worthiness.
  • Do not tease your hair or put any pressure on it unnecessarily. Try not to use brush as much as possible. Use a wide-tooth comb. Brushing puts unnecessary strain on hair. If you want to use a brush, use a natural bristles brush. Also, avoid tying the hair at the same place everyday. And, keep changing your hair part regularly.
  • Use satin or silk pillows while sleeping. Do not sleep with open hair. Braid your hair loosely. Or, tie your hair with a satin or silk scarf. It also helps preventing the wrinkles and drying of the skin at night.
  • Drink water regularly. Hair comprises of 95% proteins and 5% water.
  • Take proper nutrition. Do not let your body be deficient in any of the vitamins or minerals. And, increase your protein intake. This is extremely useful when you are trying to grow out your hair!!
  • Ok, this is my favourite!! I love a good head massage. Oil your hair regularly. It gives natural conditioning to your hair. Use organic and cold-pressed oils. Heat destroys the benefits of the oils. Mix various oils to get as many benefits as possible. Hot oil treatments are very useful in improving the hair condition.
  • Scalp Care. Keep the scalp clean. Wash your hair whenever you feel your hair is dirty. Remember to use mild shampoo. Use a conditioner after shampooing your hair.
  • Use various home remedies for deep conditioning treatments. They take time to work but if used regularly, keep your hair free of chemicals and keep them in better condition naturally and for longer time.

So, follow these steps and enjoy happy hair :) And, do not forget to join us in the #OneMonthtoHealthyHair event starting …read more

Read more here::

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Most popular Homemade Acne Treatments Dry Skin auctions

Some recent homemade acne treatments dry skin auctions on eBay:

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Don’t Let Acne Ruin Your Life – Get Clearer Skin Now!

If you are plagued with bad acne or even if you just have a few pimples or blackheads you would like to get rid of, this article can help you. What follows are a number of different tips about acne and the many ways to soothe and treat it.

A good natural method for treating acne is by washing your face with rose water. Use a soft applicator, such as a cotton pad or ball to apply the rosewater to your face. It is recommended that you do this two to three times daily for clearer skin and a healthier complexion.

Do not use products that whiten teeth. If the skin around your mouth is prone to acne, take into account any tooth whitening products that you are using. Many whitening products contain chemicals that are irritants. The skin near your mouth is even more sensitive than the rest, so watch what you put on it!

The herbs used to make chamomile tea act as a great herbal acne remedy. A great way to reduce your acne is to place cooled tea bags on your skin. By putting the cooled tea bags on areas affected with acne, you will reduce the swelling in your skin which will help the acne go away.

A great home remedy for clearing up acne is apple cider vinegar. It may not smell so good, but if you just put a tab on a cotton ball and rub it into the problem areas, you will have a clearer face by the time you wake up in the morning.

A great way to treat breakouts is to save your used chamomile tea bags and apply them to problem areas on your face. They will help soothe and control acne. This is a great way to treat acne as it’s cheap, natural and effective, and you are using something you likely already have at home.

Just like with bleaching your hair in the sun, putting lemon juice on your skin can lighten the redness associated with acne, and help to lighten the old scars left behind as well. Just dab some on your breakouts with a cotton swab. Be careful that you don’t overdue it as some people say that it can sting and burn a bit.

A simple and relatively inexpensive home remedy for acne can be found in baking soda. Baking soda acts as a natural exfoliant by helping to remove dead skin cells. It also cleans and unclogs pores. To use, simply create a paste by combining a little water and baking soda, and wash away after 15 minutes.

If your skin is very sensitive or acne-prone, you may want to use hard-pressed Q-tips or cotton swabs to apply facial creams or medication. This prevents bacterial contamination from your fingers, and the firmly packed cotton at each end of the swab will not leave a cottony residue on your face.

It is true that workouts are good for you, but they may also lead to new acne. This is why it is important to shower after your workout. Showering removes the sweat, dirt, oil and bacteria left behind after the workout, which could encourage new acne to form if not removed.

Save money on your skin care products by purchasing an inexpensive face wash. These items are on your face for such a short period of time that they don’t really do much for your skin. Some of the more expensive brands actually have ingredients that can cause you to break out. Stick to clear glycerin soaps or face washes that cost less than ten dollars.

If you have a project that is due for school, do not wait until the last minute, which can cause stress and anxiety. Plan in advance and finish ahead of time, to avoid unnecessary stress the night before it is due. This will help you feel comfortable during the day and reduce breakouts at college.

If you’re looking to get ride of acne as an adult, try a medication different from the ones targeted towards teenagers. A lot of acne medication developed for teenagers is formulated for lessening the appearance of large pimples overnight, and can be harsh to sensitive skin. Look for formulations made for adults, which usually contain sulfur as the active acne fighting ingredient.

Did you know that dry skin can break out too? Make sure you keep your skin well moisturized. You can determine your skin type on your own or with the help of a dermatologist. Regardless of your skin type, a proper moisturizer will help replenish anything you lose when you clean your skin, making it easier to rebound from bad blemishes.

Exfoliate your skin once a week. It will remove the dead skin and buildup that will clog your pores and dull your complexion. Use scrubs that are specially formulated for the face and have tiny grains in it. Do not use the scrubs that have large seeds or grains in them because they will cause tears in your skin.

Prevent future acne breakouts and minimize current ones, by keeping your hands off your face. Your hands pick up bacteria from everything you touch and touching your face only spreads that bacteria around. You can also irritate skin that is already inflamed from a recent acne outbreak. Be mindful of where your hands have been and be sure to wash them often.

Keep acne breakouts to a minimum by avoiding greasy foods, instead supplementing them with fresh fruits and vegetables. There have been several studies that show that foods high in vitamin A and carotene can increase the health of your skin. Try foods like spinach, kale, mustard greens, and cantaloupe to keep your skin healthy.

As you can see from these tips, there are many different ways to treat acne. Every person’s skin is different so you will need to find the correct combination of treatments that work for you. Once you start using these tips your face will clear right up.

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Its Just Life Vol. 4 – Let us Uncomplicate!

So, if you have read my blogging goals for the current year, you would already know that professional blogging has made my life pretty complicated!! I have lost the focus on blogging by becoming a full time blogger. The focus had shifted to making the blog self-sustainable. And, reading a whole lot about it became just too much for me!

It was like being bombarded by do this and do that and this would not work and that would not work. You know internet is a pretty negative place if you really do not know what you want!
This entire exercise made me lose interest in writing! And, that was BAD. You should really be selective about what information you consume. Let’s start!

1. Clear Your Mind

You really need to be selective about what you let sit in your mind. There is so much of everything happening around and you really can not help thinking about everything. So, chuck everything from your mind.
If you have ever worked in any company, you would know that quite a lot of people prefer freshers. No, not because of lesser salary but because of lesser experience. A mind with a clean slate can be moulded in anyway you want. Where as a mind with certain principles of its own will never react the way you want it to.

The same principle works here as well. The assumptions you make, the impressions on your mind, the thoughts you have, everything leaves your mind in a turmoil. And, when this gets too much, generally in the cases of a lot of emotional drama in your life, you tend to feel insane!
A good step to avoid such situations is to clear your mind. Stay away from the things which disturb you. And, if that is not possible, create situations which help you stay away.
For example, when staying at home became too much for me to bear, I started staying back longer in the office. I have always been a girl who loves to go home as early as possible but this step made my life simpler!
This is just an example but you get the idea so work on it!

2. Work on your Body!

As important as it is to keep your mind calm, it is equally important to keep your body fit. More exercise means more endorphins which are happiness hormones. So, you stay happy, irrespective of the situations! And, it builds your confidence and self-esteem. So, yes, work out or take it gradually – go for a walk daily!

3. Focus on what is important and discard everything else!

This is more or less a variant of #1. But, what I want to say here is that always prioritize what you want. Think of the larger picture, not of today but one year down the line then five years down the line and then about how you want …read more

Read more here::

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Pregnancy Skincare Solutions for Common Skin Conditions Presented by

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) August 27, 2014

Pregnancy can be stressful enough without the added complication of a troubled complexion. Whether the issue is hormonal acne on the face or body conditions like spider veins and stretch marks, there are some effective solutions to help make pregnancy a smoother experience. The latest article by, Pregnancy Skin Care Guide: Solutions to Common Skin Conditions for Pregnant Women, presents skincare options for pregnant women struggling with various skin conditions.

Hormonal acne is an all too common occurrence for pregnant women, due to an increase in hormones in the first trimester. What are some effective ways to treat existing acne breakouts without prescription drug medications or over-the-counter chemical products? Which ingredients should pregnant women avoid in their acne treatments? What’s a simple three-step regimen to gently treat acne and prevent future breakouts? To find out, visit or click

While there’s no magic cure for stretch marks, there are some effective strategies for minimizing this common skincare issue. First, what are the causes of stretch marks, and what makes a woman particularly susceptible? Which ingredients help to reduce discoloration? For women who are predisposed to hyperpigmentation, what’s the easiest way to prevent this type of discoloration? Why is sunscreen a necessity in any stage of pregnancy, through every season? What are some options for covering up “pregnancy mask,” and what are some options post-pregnancy for conditions that persist? To find out, visit or click

Varicose and spider veins can be hereditary, so women should take preventative measures if they know they’re at risk. Where do varicose veins typically show up, and what are some preventative lifestyle choices that can stave off this uncomfortable condition? Which daily skincare staple is essential for anyone who could develop varicose or spider veins during pregnancy? To find out, visit or click

Get answers to more questions about creating a simple and effective skincare routine during pregnancy, plus preventing and treating common skincare conditions through every trimester, by visiting or

See also:

Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook – Part 4: Pregnancy, Babies & Kids”

Caring for children’s skin requires gentle ingredients, proper sun care, and treatment for the occasional rash or bruise. And during pregnancy, a woman’s skin needs some adjustments and TLC as well. Read on for questions and answers about safe ingredients to use during pregnancy, how to treat children’s sensitive skin, and essential tips on sun protection.

Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook – Part 5: Body & Spa”

Proper skincare doesn’t stop at the neck. Caring for the body is an essential part of a complete beauty regimen, whether that means DIY pampering like homemade body scrubs or professional spa treatments like extractions and body wraps. But not everybody has the time or money to get expensive spa treatments on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to create an easy regimen at home that treats the body from head to toe. In Part 4 of’s Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook, learn about luxurious treatments, effective hair removal techniques, treating cellulite and caring for tired feet. Find out how to get smooth, soft skin through exfoliation, body brushing, shaving and more.

Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook – Part 6: Budget”

Beauty products are an investment, and working within a budget means people need to know what’s worth the money and what isn’t. To help people choose wisely, this chapter of the Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook offers essential tips for anyone looking for ways to save on quality skincare, gifts and more. Check out this section for tips on the best beauty indulgences, low-cost natural products and ideas for thoughtful gifts that won’t break the bank.

About — “Your Source for Intelligent Skin Care” is the online source for consumers seeking intelligent beauty and skin care news, advice, tips and articles. Founded in 2005, features articles, news items and frequently asked questions on skincare and beauty-related issues. is located in Sacramento, California, but receives visitors from all around the world. For more information, visit

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Blogging Series Vol. 19 – Blogging Goals for #2015!!

Well, I have to say that since I have taken full time blogging, it has been feeling overwhelming! Being a professional blogger increases the commercial interests and that has made me lose focus on what made me start blogging in the first place! It was like reading all about blogging except writing – you know do this, do that and do what not and avoid this and this would not work out and the list is endless. Whew!

So, I thought it would be good to realign myself with what and why of the blog before proceeding to do anything! This past week has been a silent one – first with the festival frenzy and then with all of this thinking. And, finally, I have decided to start with a clean slate. So, let us check what all we have in store for #2015.

#1. Realigning the purpose and goals of the Blog

I remember why I had started this blog. It was to share my knowledge on how to take care of skin and hair using simple home remedies which were easy on the pocket and equally effective. So, budget was one of the mantras at that time. I was studying and I really did not intend to spend much.
While writing about skin and hair, delving into healthy lifestyle was inevitable. So, there were and are a lot of articles about simpler lifestyle and healthy habits which if integrated with daily habits would be one step closer to leading a healthy life.
Then, we delved into product reviews and I discovered and worked with a lot of brands – good and bad – and recommended some of them to you. And, then, we stopped evolving!
Worse still, I had almost abandoned the blog for one year during my wedding and I am sure it must have upset you to not find any new content on the blog for weeks and months together!
And, let me tell you getting back to blogging is really not easy! In these past few months, I had so much trouble churning out new articles. It was almost like I was forcing myself to write and that is what I want to avoid!! So, writing better content without forcing myself is a goal this time. And, as you might have known, I have reduced the frequency of posting as well to help me in this goal. So, you would find articles every alternate day!

#2. Weekly Chats!

I have already had two weekly chat sessions this year and now I am planning the third this weekend sometime. But, the problem is that this weekend and the next one are the birthday times for us. So, it might be a leetle-bit difficult to accommodate it these two weeks.
Actually, the problem with these sort of chats is that I am putting them on facebook and not everyone wants to be publicly involved in it. And, then, both the chats were in the noon time on a working day so that …read more

Read more here::

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From Acne To Zit: Proven Tips For Clear Skin

It is interesting that acne, such a prevalent problem amongst teens and young adults alike causes an uproar like almost no other type of blemish. This might be perhaps because it is very hard to treat, and comes with a social stigma for dirtiness. Don’t be caught being judged, learn how to take care of breakouts before they happen.

Don’t wash your face excessively if you suffer from acne, as it can exacerbate the problem. Using lukewarm water, wash your face gently with a mild soap no more than three times a day, and pat dry. This will stop any bacteria that causes acne from spreading. Remember that you will not see an improvement overnight, but if you follow this regime your skin should soon return to normal.

If you are interested in having clear skin, consider watching your consumption of dairy and animal products. Many vegans have spectacularly clear skin, seeming to glow from within. Others who struggle with acne have found success when they refrain from dairy. So try cutting back on the dairy, eggs, and meat, and see if your skin doesn’t improve.

To help keep your skin free of ailments like acne, make sure you keep your stress levels under control by incorporating relaxing exercise or meditation into your daily routine. Stress is one of the biggest factors in acne outbreaks, therefore minimizing it will have a great impact on your skin.

If you have developed acne scars a great effective cure is using medicated and non-medicated lotions. These lotions are easily applied privately at home and prove to be most helpful when used over a long period of time. Medicated lotions will help soften your skin over time and heal/treat existing scar tissue.

To keep from developing breakouts, you should regularly clean your makeup brushes. When you use a makeup brush, oil and dirt from your face are transferred to the brush. Over time, the brush can build up bacteria and clog your pores. Taking the time to clean your brushes will keep them from damaging your skin.

If you are having problems with adult acne, try laundering your pillow cases and towels more frequently. Most dermatologists recommend changing your pillowcase once or twice weekly and using a clean towel every day. This is because bacteria and dead skin cells can quickly accumulate on the surface of these fabrics, which can then clog pores and cause acne.

Wash your face as soon as possible after working out. The sooner you cleanse skin after exercise, the better. Dried sweat and dirt that accumulate on the skin after a workout can clog pores and exacerbate acne. Blot sweat from your face with a towel during exercise and use a gentle cleanser as soon as you are done.

If you can, try using only powder makeup in place of liquid makeup. Liquid makeup is more likely to have oil that can cause your breakouts to worsen. Liquid makeup also can cause your pores to be blocked. You should apply as little powder as possible. Only apply as much as you feel that you need.

Reducing the amount of stress in your life is very important in dealing with acne. Stress is one of the primary factors governing acne outbreaks. So, learn how to control your stress. Meditation, relaxation and exercise are all good techniques that can help you moderate your stress levels. The less stress you have, the less acne you will see.

Those who have a tendency to suffer from acne outbreaks should use care when selecting the temperature of water which is used for washing their skin. It is important to avoid washing the skin with hot water. Taking hot baths or long, hot showers can remove moisture from the skin, which can lead to the affected area becoming even more inflamed.

Tea tree oil is a great way to combat acne naturally. It is a potent astringent, so be sure to dilute your tea tree oil in water. You can use diluted tea tree oil in a spray bottle as an inexpensive and effective toner. The oil smells lovely and helps your moisturizer sink right in.

Did you know that taking antibiotics kills off all of the bacteria in your digestive system? This means that your body doesn’t get rid of waste properly, and tries to get rid of it through your skin’s pores instead. To prevent this from leading to more acne, try to take supplements that give you the good kind of bacteria.

In the end, your best tool in the battle against acne is a dermatologist. If you’ve tried everything from honey masks to benzoyl peroxide, you may be at your wits end. A dermatologist can give you a personalized regimen which will help you to clear up the zits you already have and prevent further breakouts, saving your sanity as well.

If you are a young woman who suffers from sensitive, acne-prone skin, ask your doctor about prescribing an oral contraceptive like Yaz, Ortho Tri-Cylen, or Seasonale. These medications affect hormone levels in the body, which then controls the production of oils and helps your skin appear smooth, less oily, and acne-free.

If you have oily skin or are prone to acne, avoid leaning your face against surfaces that might collect dirt and oil, such as a cell phone. Wash such items regularly if you cannot avoid contact, such as with pillowcases. The oil and bacteria built up on these items can sabotage even the best skin care efforts.

Use oil-free moisturizers to keep skin well-hydrated so that you are not exacerbating acne in oily skin. Try to find a water-based moisturizer and be sure to check the ingredients for anything that could potentially lead to acne breakouts. Some of the ingredients that may need to be avoided are oily substances, such as, coconut oils or mineral oils.

Part of the problem with acne is that society really frowns on those who get it. As such, so many people are desperate for help and who really think straight out of desperation? Calm down, take a breath and relax! This article should have armed you with some good ideas to treat and prevent further blemishes.

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