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Natural Antibiotics Box Set: 35 Incredibly Useful Natural Antibiotics For Averting the Most Frequent Diseases, Inflammatory Process and Acne. Improve Your … alternative medicine, home remedies) Reviews

Natural Antibiotics Box Set: 35 Incredibly Useful Natural Antibiotics For Averting the Most Frequent Diseases, Inflammatory Process and Acne. Improve Your … alternative medicine, home remedies)

Natural Antibiotics Box Set: 35 Incredibly Useful Natural Antibiotics For Averting the Most Frequent Diseases, Inflammatory Process and Acne. Improve Your ... alternative medicine, home remedies)

Natural Antibiotics Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Natural Antibiotics: The 10 Most Helpful Natural Remedies to Protect and Cure You from Illness

Do you often worry about the pills you’re ingesting on a daily basis that has been given to you by your primary care provider?

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:The difference between bacterial and viral infections.Why you shouldn’t use antibiotics for minor illnessesHow to use natural


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Vellife Sugar Substitute Product Review

New Content from Perfect Skin Care for you – All About Beauty, Health and Life!

I have always been of the opinion that sugar substitutes never really work! Incidentally, last time I went to my doc, we fell into talking about sugar cravings and how to prevent diabetes. That was when he assured me that sugar substitutes actually work very well towards preventing diabetes.

But, I still have my doubts on how many calories they reduce? These sugar substitutes have weird tastes which hinder with the taste and flavor of the food. This was a problem with even the natural sweetener, stevia. Stevia leaves a very raw and harsh flavor behind.

So, when I got a chance to try out this sugar substitute, I decided to give it a try! And, lets see whether I liked it or not. Now, before proceeding, I would like to add that I can not really comment on how many calories this substitute reduces!! Now, lets check out its essentials.

  • Price : Rs 249 for 75gms
  • Packaging : As you can see it comes in a plastic bottle with a spoon to scoop out enough of the product. The brand claims 1 spoon of Vellife sugar substitute = 1 spoon of sugar.
  • Texture : It looks just like powdered sugar.
  • Ingredients : As seen in the pic below!

Usage and Results

Let us check out the various claims of the product first which can also be found on the products website!

  • Has a low glycemic index.
  • Does not contain artificial sweeteners. Maltodextrin is one of the dangerous additives with high glycemic index generally present in sugar substitutes which this product completely avoids.
  • Is a unique blend of constituents of natural stevia.
  • can be used by diabetics.
  • heat stable so no change in taste even after frying or baking.

As I mentioned earlier, 1 spoon of the sugar substitute gives the same sweetness like 1 spoon of sugar. I did use this product in as many dishes as possible.

While it does not give any weird taste in rasam (you do put a little sugar in sambar or rasam to enhance the sourness of tamarind) or even in the cake I had baked, but it does give a weird taste when making tea or coffee.

So, not that good a choice for your beverages!

My Verdict

Though I can not really comment on the claim of calories being less in the product, it can definitely be given a try considering it avoids maltodextrin which is notorious for its effects if taken in abundance. Btw, let me make it clear that maltodextrin is helpful if taken in limited quantities.

Have you tried this product? Or, do you prefer any other sugar substitute?

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Does your hair color reflect you?

New Content from Perfect Skin Care for you – All About Beauty, Health and Life!

Okay, I had wanted to keep this for the next instalment of My Hair Diary but it is too tempting to miss out so here goes!

I finally got my hair color and I have the perfect red and I LOVEEEEEEEEE it So, I just have one good pic of my hair. As of now, I just could not find time to take the perfect pic for my hair.

Anyways, Mr. P hates the hair but incidentally even my father did not hate the color entirely and I did get many many compliments for the color. And, that makes me happy. And, now, I so agree that getting a hair makeover is the best way to cheer yourself up. After a bad spot of health, the cysteine treatment and now the hair color has gone a long way in improving my mental state and of course the extremely painful injections have played their own part!! Can you imagine I had to take two injections every alternate day for a week and it had become so difficult for me to sit :D

I am deeply saddened by the death of the former president, APJ Abdul Kalam Azad. He was magnificient and those who have been around him would know that he was just so approachable and humble. An inspiration and legacy to look up to forever.

Anyways, do let me know what you think about the color?

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Most popular Natural Homemade Acne Treatments auctions

Most popular natural homemade acne treatments eBay auctions:

HomeMade Natural Propolis & Tea Tree Oil soap for Acne treatment 3.5oz (3 bars)
End Date: Monday Aug-10-2015 15:50:12 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $29.99
Buy It Now | Add to watch list

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Latest Free Homemade Acne Treatments News

The cosmetics revolution
The homemade, eco-friendly philosophy that You Feel Good Soap Company embodies is part of a growing trend in the Toronto cosmetics industry. The simpler, the better … With an innate understanding of products and treatments, as well as a strong …
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4 pudina face packs for glowing, soft, acne-free skin
Mint or pudina is a refreshing and soothing ingredient for the skin. It comes with exceptional properties that make it one of the best herbs used for skincare. It is antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory in nature. Pudina is …
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The Book Corner Vol. 1 – What I read all this year?

New Content from Perfect Skin Care for you – All About Beauty, Health and Life!

Last year, I did book reviews for almost all books I realized that I am not much adept at reviewing a book, its not my forte! So, this time, I decided to keep the reviews only to a paragraph and do a round-up of the books I have read so far. So, yes, this year has been rich on psychological thrillers with the ones with wrecked marriage and psychopathic couples on the top of the list.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Who has not heard about this book? I have read it too late and I have not yet seen the movie but when I caught up with its first look on the television, I think Rosamund Pike nailed the character of Amy and I know you must be lost if you have not read the book or watched the movie so I would just leave you with – there is a reason you have heard about the book so much and all around!

The Silent Wife by A.S.A.Harrison

I have this habit of finding out similar books in a particular genre which I happen to like and this book is one which comes after Gone Girl. I do not really remember being impressed with the book at all and you can really skip it. Btw, this is again about a disintegrated marriage and lady who is living in denial.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Well, it is all following the cult and I am not sure if I really like it but I think its ending is very satisfying unlike Gone Girl. So, yes, you can try it. It definitely engages you while you are reading it but it would nt stay with you after finishing it!

Screwed by Manoj Bhavnani

Wow! I remember this name because I have a list of all the books I read but honestly I can not even recall which one of it this was so yes you can definitely skip it in case you come across it

No Onions no Garlic by Srividya Natrajan

Okay. have you read Midsummers Night Dream by Shakespeare? Of course, you would at least know the gist of the story. So, this book is an Indian adaptation and is a sarcasm and a witty one and a humorous one at that on the Brahmins and their hypocrisy. And, I am amazed and so proud of the book being written by an Indian and yes if you love English Literature and humor, I would definitely ask you to check out this one!

Bougainvillea House by Kalpana Swaminathan

Okay, so, another one of the psycho genre but this is a different story, no disintegrated marriages or may be there is one but that is not really the crux of the story. It is dark, creepy, slow but not so slow, rather more like author takes a lot of pain to establish the atmosphere, haunting and I am running out of words now! …read more

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Acne Treatment Advice for Dry Skin

You may be thinking that if you have dry skin, you don’t have acne and therefore won’t need an acne treatment plan or to purchase the acne treatment products. However, that’s not entirely true. Acne is caused by the pores on your face becoming clogged. Once your pores are clogged, bacteria and oil become trapped in the pores, which ultimately leads to acne breakouts. Those who have dry skin are just as likely to have their pores clogged by the dry skin cells. In addition, if you have dry skin, finding the right acne products to help you get clear skin may be more difficult because your skin may be more prone to redness and irritation and you will want to avoid products that treat acne by over-drying your skin. Here is some advice from the experts at Murad Skin Care Products Canada on how to select an acne treatment for dry skin.

Exfoliation for Dry Skin with Acne

The most important element for treating acne and dry skin simultaneously is to make sure that your acne and skin care products are exfoliating your skin. Using both an exfoliating skin cleanser as well as a treatment product that actively exfoliates the top layer of your skin not only improves skin’s overall glow but also removes dead skin cells that can ultimately clog pores.

Gentle Ingredients to Avoid Irritating Dry Skin

Dry skin tends to also be sensitive skin, which means that products with harsh ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide may dry up your existing acne, but the results may not be what you were hoping for. Firstly, when your skin becomes too dry, it compensates by producing even more oil, which can mean more clogged pores, bacteria and breakouts. Secondly, what you ultimately want is clear, glowing skin. However, if your dry skin becomes even more dry and irritated (not to mention red), then you haven’t accomplished your goal of getting perfect, beautiful glowing skin. Be sure to select products with gentle yet effective acne treatment ingredients.

Oil Free Ingredients and Moisturizer

No matter what your skin type, moisturizing regularly is a requirement. This is true for any acne treatment program, but it’s even more true if you’re treating your acne while also treating your dry skin. All of your acne products should be oil free, and your daily and nightly moisturizer should also be an oil free moisturizer.

Treating acne in combination with dry skin can require some research and diligence, but there’s no reason that with the proper acne products and moisturizer you can accomplish your goal of clear, beautiful, acne free and healthy skin!

For information on acne treatment for other skin types as well as reviews of acne treatment products, visit the Balley Direct Beautiful Skin Blog where you can learn about how to get rid of acne and get beautiful skin.

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How to use Henna and Indigo to naturally darken brown Hair?

New Content from Perfect Skin Care for you – All About Beauty, Health and Life!

Since I hit my 30s, I’ve been noticing greys creeping up one by one. Maybe not 50 shades, but enough to be noticeable! Sadly, most of them turn up around the crown of my head and end up being very visible. Ever since I decided to grow out my hair, I’ve been trying to take care of it better and part of that was to stop using chemical dyes on it.

I just got tired of the whole cycle of getting damaged and split ends, cutting it then wondering why I wasn’t able to grow it out. So around 3-4 years ago I decided to start using henna. My henna of choice is the one by Shahnaz Hussain, and I’ve been happy with it. I actually like the smell and love the way it conditions my hair.

But, from 8-10 greys or so, I now have loads more…sigh, the perils of ageing!! And, I really detest those bright orangey-red threads running though my hair. I literally had nightmares of my whole head turning a ghastly orange. After the usual internet research, I found there were 2 options to naturally colour hair dark-brown to black, though it doesn’t seem to be used commonly in India. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Both these methods involve the use of indigo, and as fate would have it, when I happened to step into the local organic store a few days later, I spotted it on the shelf, so picked up a pack. This is the one that I’m using, and it’s available on flipkart and amazon, probably other sites too. Since then I’ve used it twice, and I did get better results the 2nd time I used it. Just like plain henna, it builds up colour with each use.

By the way this is the same indigo used to dye denim, and it can’t be used on it’s own, it’s always used in combination with henna. So, if you would like to know how to use it, read on ladies (and gents)!

So, the thing about the indigo molecule is that it literally needs the henna to hold onto the hair shaft and they are used together either as a 1-step or 2-step process. In a 2-step process, you get a deep blue-black colour, which I understand colours even lighter toned hair and the 1-step gives you a deep auburn to dark-brown shade.

I’m going to talk about the 1-step process as that’s the only one I’ve personally tried, also blue-black shades don’t suit my skin-tone. So, do think about that as well when deciding upon a hair colour. I see a lot of girls around with hair shades that don’t at all suit their skin tones, and it makes one look either washed-out or clownish. My natural hair colour is dark brown, but this brings out much richer brown hues in it. Here’s what you will need.


  • 60% Henna
  • 40% Indigo
  • enough water to …read more

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Zion Health Announces New Forest Rain Ancient Clay Soap With Orchid Essential Oil Available at Anwaar Co. in Brooklyn, NY

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 14, 2015

Zion Health ( announces its new Forest Rain Ancient Clay soap now available for sale at Anwaar Co. located on 354 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217. Zion’s Ancient clay soaps contain no sulfates, no parabens and are formulated for vegan shoppers to enhance skin quality without using animal ingredients.

Soap is the cornerstone of keeping your body clean from bacteria, microbes, and viruses. Zion’s natural soaps are a unique mixture of essential oils and Kanwa clay, providing hydration and minerals to the skin. The Forest Rain soap is formulated to cleanse and purify the skin without drying or irritating. Its featured ingredient – Orchid Essential Oil – moisturizes, boosts skin immunity, reduces fine lines, and soothes. It also has skin–fortifying minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Orchid flowers are known to have a cheerful aroma that boosts mental alertness and reduces fatigue and stress levels simultaneously. ​

Body care products made with clay-based ingredients are growing in popularity as an effective alternative to products made with synthetic chemical ingredients. Clay-based ingredients also provide an environmentally friendly resource for natural cosmetic, skin and body care products. Kanwa clay is a well-known folk medicine remedy for numerous health and skin disorders. According to Michel Abhesera, author of “The Healing Clay,” clay was called “Ee-Wah-Kee,” meaning “The Mud That Heals,” by Native Americans and applied by native cultures on skin to clear acne, eczema and infected wounds.

Zion Health’s Forest Rain Ancient Clay Soap may now be purchased online at and at Anwaar Co. located on 354 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217. Zion Health, established in 2010, provides its consumers with pure skin and body care products that are 100% vegan, free of parabens and aluminum, and formulated using certified organic ingredients whenever possible. For more information visit their website.

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My Hair Diary – June 2015

New Content from Perfect Skin Care for you – All About Beauty, Health and Life!


I know you might have read tons and tons about the movie by now but it is just too good to pass on without me mentioning about it. I have to say that I am in love with the movie. It is so larger-than-life and it is not the story but the portrayal of the characters. Finally, an Indian movie on par with Troy and Gladiator and what not! And, yes, I know many of its scenes are inspired from the above movies but who cares! They are damn good inspirations and the inspired is equally a masterpiece.

A special mention about Ramya Krishnan. She is magnificent, especially in the scene where she kills a man and then calms down her crying toddler and goes on to feed two of her sons. It is amazing!

And, even if you are a North Indian and can NOT relate to South Indian movies (trust me when I say I know what I am talking about), I would strongly urge you to go and WATCH it. You do NOT want to miss the treat and yes, this is just the half. The second part of releasing next year! And, this makes me happy that I have finally started watching telugu movies

And, yes, do not forget to share your opinions about the movie if you have watched it already :)

How is my Cysteine Treatment doing?

So, last month I shared with you that I had got cysteine infusion done on an impulse. And, now it has been over a month since the treatment. So, let us see how is my hair doing after a month.

Though it is too early for me to make a statement on whether this treatment does what it claims or not, I can safely say that my hair is extremely soft and tangles less and obviously is frizz-free so easy to manage.

On the downside, since the hair is a bit straighter or wavy (the treatment is not for straight hair but frizzy hair), it tends to fall flat and greasy easily. So, you might need to wash it on alternate days. And, yes, beware when applying the conditioner.

Also, it is absolutely imperative that you follow the stylist’s instructions and use the products prescribed by him diligently. I did skip the shampoo once and conditioner twice and the results are not so desirable and the effects of the treatment may also wear off.

Another thing which I have noticed (though, it might not be absolutely correct) is that my hair has grown faster this month. Though, the pace of my hair growth might not be easily noticeable since my hair used to curl up earlier. Now, my hair just falls wavy-ily and prettily.

And, soon, I shall be getting my hair colored so yipee :)

Scalp Treatment

Since I can not do any hair oil treatment which I am seriously missing, I decided to follow up with …read more

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